Healed of Internal Bone Infection: Testimony of Bro. Bong Lorente
Written by: Sis. Rina Peru

In March 1992, Bro. Bong Lorente figured in a bus accident while traveling in Surigao del Norte. The bus he was riding on fell off a deep ravine and seven passengers died on-the-spot. Bro. Bong miraculously survived this tragic accident.

It was eight years later that Bro. Bong began to notice pain in his right leg. The pain worsened as the days went by, but he dismissed it, thinking that it was just rheumatism 0r arthritis. But when Bro. Bong began to experience difficulty in walking, he went to see a doctor. The doctor referred him to a bone specialist, an orthopedic doctor, for the doctor thought that he had a serious bone problem.

Bro. Bong went to see the orthopedic doctor, and after bone X-rays, it was found out that there’s a mass of blood clot in Bro. Bong’s right leg bone. The doctor told him that he needed to undergo immediate surgery to save his right leg. His affected bone will be removed and replaced with stainless steel.

Around this time, Bro. Bong was already unable to walk and his right leg had become violet in color.

The doctor told him that if this wasn’t removed immediately, it will be very dangerous and can develop into a malignant cancer. Bro. Bong asked if he would be able to walk after the surgery, and to this, the doctor answered that he might be able to walk after four years. And when Bro. Bong asked how much the surgery would cost, the doctor advised him to prepare 1.2 million pesos. When Bro. Bong heard this, he felt the whole world came crashing down on him. There was no way in the world that he could be able to afford it.

He told the doctor that he couldn’t put up even a 10% of it – it just wasn’t possible. The doctor told him that the amount is nothing if it would save his life, to which he answered him with these words:

“With that huge amount of money, it seems that my life has amounted to nothing. It has no more value.” (He meant that since he couldn’t afford the expensive surgery, he’ll just wait for death to come).

He and his wife signed a waiver and left the hospital, for he had been confined for five days and his bills were piling up. In fact, they weren’t able to pay his bills and just signed a promissory note. An ambulance brought him home. He was that ill.

At home, Bro. Bong began to count the passing of days in utter hopelessness. But at dawn five days after he left the hospital, his beloved wife opened the TV and she saw the program of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. As she watched and listened to the amazing testimonies of God’s healing miracles, she felt the powerful presence of God.

She woke up Bro. Bong and invited him to watch, too. She told him that this just might be the one that could help him – miraculous healing by the Lord Jesus Christ through this ministry. But Bro. Bong was doubtful.

They continued to watch anyway and during the mass healing where the beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda prayed and cast out the demons of incurable diseases, Bro. Bong felt as if there was a big powerful hand that squeezed his whole body and he felt great relief. He looked at his right leg and noticed that the violet color was gone and the color had gone back to normal. He felt very light, no more pain, so he attempted to stand. He and his wife were both amazed, as he began to walk slowly from their bedroom to the kitchen and back again.

Bro. Bong couldn’t believe that he was miraculously healed! He thought it was like a dream! The next morning, Bro. Bong continued to recover well. He was walking normally without pain or difficulty. His uncle came to visit and he was amazed at the great thing that happened to him. His uncle also believed in his miraculous healing, so together, they went to the worship service of JMCIM.

It was Friday overnight worship service at Cuneta Astrodome when Bro. Bong first attended. As he found himself walking and going up and down the stairs in the venue, exactly one week after he was brought home from the hospital in an ambulance, he couldn’t help but cry in great joy and deep gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Bro. Bong returned to the hospital to try to settle his bills by requesting for installment payment, he testified to the chief accountant who happened to be a nun, about his miraculous healing. The nun was so blessed by his testimony and expressed also her deep respect to the beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde E. Almeda after the victorious Talipao Peace Mission in 2003. She promptly marked Bro. Bong’s hospital bill as “cleared” without him paying a single cent.

This great miracle happened over ten years ago and Bro. Bong, together with his family, continues to serve the Lord faithfully to this day.

Halleluiah! To God be the glory!



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