Sis. Pilar Garcia’s fast recovery and healing from a deadly accident through prayer and fasting
Written by: JMCIM Social Media Ministry

Sis. Pilar Garcia was crossing the road to hitch a ride to bring her home from church when she was suddenly hit by a speeding jeep.

Right on the spot Sis. Pilar’s leg was torn from her flesh. She said she could see that only a small part of her skin was attached to her leg. She was immediately rushed to the National Orthopedic Hospital and a doctor named Dr. Santiago told her that she will not be able to walk for a long time or not at all because her bone has been broken into pieces. She was told that if she can walk at all, it would take five years. But inside the Hospital, Sis. Pilar believed that the Lord would mend her broken bones. She was prayed over by our beloved asst. Pastor inside the hospital along with our Dearly Bel. Hon Pastor, she was advised by our Hon. Parents in the Lord to fast, and through the great and miraculous work of our almighty GOD, in less than a month, our Great God made sis. Pilar walk and miraculously reformed and linked her broken bones. Oh to God be the glory!!! Oh Hallelujah !!!



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