30 Minutes to Live Healed of Stage 4 Metastatic Ovarian Cancer the Amazing Testimony of Sis. Colie Manalon
Written by: Sis. Rina R. Peru

More than 28 years ago, in November 1992, when Sis. Colie Manalon had been bleeding for 6 months, she went to Fabella Hospital to seek help. Her tests showed that she had a 12-cm tumor in her ovary and it was cancer. Stage 4 cancer. And not only that, it had metastasized to the other parts of her body. But before surgery or any treatment could be undertaken, her tumor ruptured while she was at home.

Immediately, she felt a searing pain in her belly, she started panting so hard and couldn’t speak properly. Her husband rushed her to Fabella Hospital where the doctor pronounced that she only had 30 minutes to live if she wasn’t operated on at once. Sis. Colie was hanging on a thin thread of breath.

Fortunately, she had an emergency surgery and after observation, she was told that she had a very high-risk cancer and needed to take chemotherapy for 6 months. She turned black all over because of chemo and she said that she had to grip her companion so hard just for her to be able to swallow her saliva. Swallowing was unbearably painful.

While on her third chemo session at Fabella Hospital, Sis. Colie felt desperate. She felt she had no more hope. She prayed to God to help her. She didn’t want yet to die because she had four small children.

One day at the hospital, she saw a group from JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY sharing the gospel of salvation to the patients. She was invited to attend the worship service and to receive the Lord Jesus Christ in her life.

While still recovering from her chemotherapy at the hospital, she requested her two sisters to come fetch her and bring her to Luneta Park where JMCIM was holding crusades. She said that even from afar as they approached the grandstand, she already felt God’s presence.

This was December of 1992. She was baptized in water in the name of Jesus on January 3, 1993 and she was instantly healed. Until that time, she had been suffering from fevers. But after her water baptism, she was instantly healed of her constant fever. She felt well instantly!

She did not continue her chemotherapy sessions and didn’t go back to the hospital anymore. She only received chemo for 1 month and 13 days out of the 6 months required.

Sis. Colie recovered fully from the high-risk cancer even without completing her chemotherapy. She was accepted at Quezon Institute as a nursing aid and while working there, she testified to patients who had tuberculosis, HIV, and other scary diseases of her miraculous healing from metastatic ovarian cancer. She would invite them to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and prayed over them through the leading prayers of beloved Hon. Pastor Wilde Almeda. Everyone who accepted the Lord Jesus left the hospital healed.

Because of Sis. Colie’s anointed witnessing to patients, the doctors in Quezon Institute marvelled and declared in awe and wonder, “The God you serve is true! When you pray over even the very sick patients, their breathing improves remarkably!”

One night while Sis. Colie was on duty, the director of Quezon Institute called for her and requested that she bring a cancer patient to the worship service of JMCIM. The doctors there knew that terminally-ill patients could have hope of healing in JMCIM. Sis. Colie was only glad to fetch the said patient. a Mrs. Barrera, and brought her to JMCIM. Mrs. Barrera was also healed of cancer. Hallelujah!

To this day, Sis. Colie Manalon serves the Lord faithfully and is active in prison ministry.




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