Youth Ministry

The Vision of the Youth Ministry is to equip, empower, and encourage the youth group of the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry throughout the world, preparing them for a life-filled with passion, discipleship, and knowledge of the word of God.

The Church, being the body of Christ of which He is the head, is made up of all of His believers (Ephesians 1:22-23, KJV). The youth, being a part of the Church, are considered as the future of the ministry in spreading the gospel; thus, the need to prepare and equip them to have the fear of the Lord in their hearts and be effective young disciples and Ambassadors of our Dearest Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our beloved honorable parents in the Lord also saw the importance of nourishing and empowering them for God’s ministry therefore preparing them through Bible studies and establishing Sunday schools for kids and youth, creating children, youth and singles choir groups encouraging them towards a Godly-living by setting rules and regulations to guide them towards their spiritual maturity.

The Youth Ministry focuses on strengthening the relationship of the youth through Bible study sessions, sharing of testimonies, and youth praise and worship. The Youth Ministry continue to promote spiritual camaraderie and increase the enthusiasm of the youth to be more on-fire in serving the Lord and continue to be a part of the bigger ministry of bringing more souls at the feet of our Dearest Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2011, the Jesus Miracle Youth Crusade (JMYC), coined by Beloved Sis Anna Liza Almeda-Smith and Minister Luke Smith, initiated some youth activities to continue this spiritual task of nourishing the youth of the Church. Regional and national JMYC Olympics and concerts are staged in several places in a year for the realization of the spiritual gifts of the youth in praise and worship. This is also done to invite more youth to Christ in the form of music. During these events, short testimonies of transformed and changed lives by our Lord Jesus Christ are presented including some theatrical or staged plays, message of salvation and a prayer of acceptance for the new comers.

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