From a Deadly Accident to a Remarkable Recovery: A Living Testimony of Beloved Brother Jose Mari Belonia Gay
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**From a Deadly Accident to a Remarkable Recovery: A Living Testimony of Beloved Brother Jose Mari Belonia Gay**

“… Everything is possible for one who believes” (Mark 9:23)

Beloved brother Jose Mari is an Overseas Filipino worker in Doha, Qatar and a member of the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry (JMCIM). He started to serve the Lord in the Philippines after receiving water baptism in Jesus name in 1996 at the JMCIM-central church. On September 16, 2009, he went to Doha, Qatar as an Overseas Worker and continued serving the Lord. But due to his work, he admitted that he sometimes missed having fellowship with other brethren in the church prior to his accident. However, despite his shortcomings, he had been trying his best to cope in prayer, fasting and sharing the word of God to his fellow workers in their company. Little did he know that a great miracle is going to happen that will change the path of his walk to the Lord; an accident that will push his faith and realize the importance of serving the Lord despite the busyness of this world. His testimony proves that God is still a miraculous God up to this time.It is my prayer that his story will inspire others, as it did to me, to fully trust the Lord in all circumstances of our lives. This happened on February 17, 2018 in Doha, Qatar.

It was a sunny day after a short break from a morning work, Brother Jose decided to rest outside their company building with a fellow worker when they saw a chopper passing by their vicinity. Without a joke, he boldly uttered to his co-worker that someday, he will also be flying on that chopper. After few minutes, his attention was called by his supervisor to assist a staff in arranging some stuff inside their storeroom using a 3-ton forklift. They started to work when he noticed that the forklift seemed to be having a problem with its break. When the time came that he was asked to drive out the forklift back to its parking, he passed through a plunging road and suddenly lost brake.

As a person, he panicked and jumped off the forklift. All went too fast that he can’t barely remember the next thing that had happened. When he came to his senses, he felt that his body got numbed. Half of his body was caught underneath the engine. The forklift literally collapsed around him, trapping him under. The forklift barely missed his head but practically severed his arm. As he opened his eyes, he got terrified to see an amputated hand a meter away from where he was lying. But he was amazed that not so much blood was gushing out from the stump! He immediately cried out to thank the Lord that his life was spared, that it wasn’t his head nor his spine that was hit by the forklift that could have killed him immediately. He began crying to the Lord like a child who is asking for favor. “Mahal na Panginoon, wala na akong isang kamay, paano na ako papalakpak sa pagpupuri sa Iyo? Mahal na Panginoon, wala na akong isang kamay na maitataas sa pagpupuri at pananalangin sa Iyo? (My Dear Lord, I don’t have my other hand anymore. How can I clap my hands in praises to You? I don’t have my other hand to raise in worship and in prayer to You?)” As he was crying in prayer, he tried to reach for his amputated arm but quite impossible for half of his body got stocked inside the forklift engine. It was this time that he released his 100% faith to the Lord and repeatedly shouted, “Hallelujah, praise the Lord!!!” Miraculously, he noticed that the engine slowly moved that he was able to escape from its weight. Glory to God, Hallelujah! When he got a hold of his amputated hand, he was amazed at how it was cut so straight and on his eyes was shining so bright. “Napakalinis ng pagkaputol ng aking kamay at sa aking paningin ay para siyang nangniningning!”

It took minutes when he was noticed and assisted by his co-workers who saw and heard him shouting and crying to the Lord. After some hour, the company flown him via chopper to Rumailah Hospital, one of the biggest medical service providers in the state of Qatar. While on the chopper, he was again thankful that his prayer of flying on a chopper was granted by the Lord despite the reason of being on it.
Upon arrival at the hospital, he immediately underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, CT-scan and other necessary medical procedures to assess his physical condition. Incredibly, all test results were normal and despite his amputation, his blood pressure turned normal, still! No complications and aftermath severe trauma at all, except his detached arm. The doctors were also surprised that the cut was straight and clean that one could surely doubt if it was really cut by the prongs of the forklift. One can just imagine how thick and heavy the forklift tynes to cut his arm so straight and clean. As medical experts would always say, “the cleaner the cut, the better the chance for reattachment.” Oh hallelujah, what a miraculous God you are! Despite the amputation, the Lord totally preserved his hand and made it a way to be possibly connected again. It is also amazing to note that despite the lack of proper emergency medical care during his accident and the long hour spent before he was admitted in the hospital, he did not even develop secondary complications, as noted by the doctors. Because of the good condition of his hand, the hospital sought for medical experts within Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) to perform the surgery.

“This case involved two main teams, one from Orthopedics that worked on joining the bones, and our team that worked on repairing the nerves and vessels and connecting the arteries using microsurgical techniques, which requires high level of expertise and skills,” HMC doctors noted in their report.

The experts added that his hand should have been turned dark because it had been cut short in the vein and it took hours before he was admitted in the hospital. But again to their surprise, his hand didn’t change in color. After 12 hours of operation, the doctors told him that they could not guarantee that his hand would function properly as it was before. “It is always a 50-50 chance, no guarantee,” medical experts say regarding post operations. Brother Jose narrated that he was clearly told that it may take 6 to 12 months for his veins, vessels, and bones to properly be reconnected and to be fully recovered. But he was determined that the Lord will once again perform a miracle. He was immediately visited and prayed on by church workers and brethren in Doha, Qatar upon knowing his condition and through the leading prayers of Hon. Evangelist-Pastor Wilde E. Almeda, incredibly just a week after, he was able to move his fingers and after a month or two, he has fully recovered and his separated hand functioned properly! Glory to God, Hallelujah!!! It was during those recovery periods of his stay in the hospital that he felt the great comfort, mercy and the power of God moving in his life. Everyday, doctors and nurses were always amazed at how fast his recovery was compared to other patients they are handling in the said hospital. Brother Jose had been the talk of the town and his case was even recorded as one of the monumental achievements of Rumailah Hospital under the Hamad Medical Corporation. Added to this, he was granted a big cash assistance while recovering for a year by his company.

Because of this amazing experience, brother Jose felt he was drawn closer to God and felt the need to sincerely offer his time, his strength, his whole life to the Creator of this life as he was given another chance to live and survive from this tragic accident. As of this writing, he is now visiting several JMCIM outreaches and crusades in some parts of the Philippines to testify the wonderful works of our Dearest Jesus Christ in his life while on a paid vacation leave for one year.

We give the highest praise, glory, form of honor and thanksgiving to our Dearest Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
And he said, the things which are impossible with men are possible with God.
Datapuwa’t sinabi niya, Ang mga bagay na di mangyayari sa mga tao ay may pangyayari sa Dios. (Luke 18:27)
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