Youth Ministry (Jesus Miracle Youth Crusade)

The Church being the body of Christ, recognizes the role of the youth in furthering the Kingdom of God. The church categorizes them as those who belong to middle age between 12 to 17. The Vision of the Youth Ministry is to equip, empower, and encourage the youth group of the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry throughout the world, preparing them for a life-filled with passion, discipleship, and knowledge. The JMYC takes and supports the vision and passion of our Beloved and Honorable Pastor Evangelist Wilde E. Almeda and Beloved Assistant Pastor Lina C. Almeda in spreading the gospel to the entire nation.

Given that the youth has additional needs to cater to and to continue this spiritual task of nourishing them, the Jesus Miracle Youth Crusade (JMYC) was established. JMYC focuses on strengthening the relationship of the youth through Bible study sessions, sharing of testimonies, weekly praise and worship and the conduct of regional and national JMYC Olympics.

The JMYC, in accordance with the Church, performs and conducts different activities and projects to ignite the flame the youth have in serving and following our Dearest Lord Jesus Christ. This helps in boosting their relationship with the Lord. The Ministry also gives a heads up and lets every youth to be honed in their individual talents and gifts. Specific schedules are set aside for a regular JMYC service wherein the youth are gathered in a separate venue for an exclusive fellowship for around three hours of singing, testimonies, preaching of the word of God, workshop, games and other activities that cater to their age group. In this relation, JMYC concerts are also staged in several places in a year for the realization of the spiritual gifts of the youth in praise and worship. This is also done to invite more youth to Christ in the form of music. During these concerts, short testimonies of transformed and changed lives by our Lord Jesus Christ are presented including some theatrical or staged plays and a prayer of acceptance for the new comers.

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